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Notification System Sep 1, 2023

In today's fast-paced world, the healthcare industry is evolving rapidly, with digital platforms like Halodoc leading the way in providing efficient and user-friendly healthcare services. A critical component of this evolution is effective communication, which plays a pivotal role in delivering seamless and personalised healthcare experiences. Recognising the significance of communication, Halodoc has ingeniously integrated a central notification system known as Garuda. Let's delve into the depths of Garuda and understand how it revolutionises communication within Halodoc's ecosystem.

Garuda: The Central Nervous System of Communication

At the heart of Halodoc's communication strategy lies Garuda, a versatile and robust central notification system. Garuda acts as a bridge between Halodoc's diverse user base and the myriad communication channels available today. It serves as the central nervous system, orchestrating the symphony of messages that engage and inform users seamlessly.

Garuda Supports Multiple Communication Channels

Garuda emerges as a comprehensive solution that supports various communication channels, catering to diverse user preferences:

  • SMS: Garuda integrates with multiple SMS providers and employs fallback logic to ensure reliable message delivery.
  • Push Notifications: Both Android and iOS users receive timely push notifications, enhancing user engagement.
  • Email: Garuda facilitates sending emails with attachments, offering a versatile mode of communication.
  • WhatsApp: Users can receive messages and documents through WhatsApp, enhancing convenience.
  • Voice Calls: Garuda's capabilities extend to voice calls, facilitating efficient voice interactions.
  • Slack Alerts: Internal alerts are seamlessly communicated via Slack integration, streamlining communication within Halodoc's teams.

Seamless Integration Across Business Verticals

Garuda's significance transcends its technical prowess, as it seamlessly integrates across Halodoc's diverse business verticals:

  • Pharmacy Delivery: Users receive SMS and push notification alerts at each order state transition, enhancing transparency and user experience.
  • Consultation: From consultation confirmation to completion, users are kept informed with SMS and push notifications.
  • Halolab: Garuda's impact extends to Halodoc's lab services, streamlining communication for better service.
  • Appointment: The centralized hub ensures that appointment-related updates are communicated effectively.

Message Templating: Standardization for Enhanced Engagement

Garuda's advanced message templating system brings consistency to communications, ensuring that users receive clear and coherent messages across various workflows. This powerful feature simplifies the process of sending standardized notifications. Let's explore how Garuda employs message templating with sample templates for different scenarios:

  • Order Processed:
  • Order Completed:
  • Order Cancelled:

These templates ensure that users receive timely and accurate updates regarding their orders. The placeholders, such as ${order_id}, allow for dynamic insertion of specific details, enhancing personalization.

Garuda Scalability: Powering Massive Communication

Garuda's capabilities are not limited to its features; it's also incredibly scalable. Halodoc successfully sends a remarkable 3 million notifications from all providers through Garuda each day. This outstanding capacity is a testament to Garuda's efficiency and Halodoc's commitment to seamless communication on a grand scale.

A World of Providers, United by Garuda

In a dynamic communication landscape, flexibility and diversity are crucial. Garuda aligns with this principle by supporting multiple providers for each communication channel. Whether it's SMS, email, push notifications, or any other channel, Garuda seamlessly integrates with a variety of providers. This centralization of communication eliminates the need for Halodoc to juggle multiple integrations, streamlining the process and enhancing efficiency.

Provider Agnostic Approach: Freedom of Choice

While specific provider names might not be essential, what truly matters is Garuda's provider-agnostic approach. This approach gives Halodoc the freedom to work with a range of providers without being locked into a single solution. For instance, when it comes to SMS communication, Garuda is designed to support various SMS providers, such as "Jatis" and "Twilio," offering flexibility and adaptability as per the business's evolving needs.

Elevating User Experience Through Garuda

Incorporating Garuda into its communication strategy allows Halodoc to provide users with an elevated experience. From sending SMS notifications to delivering personalized push alerts, facilitating real-time live chats, enabling voice interactions, and even tapping into emerging communication trends, Garuda serves as the backbone that drives these interactions smoothly. This centralized approach reduces development complexities, minimizes maintenance efforts, and contributes to a seamless and cohesive user journey.

Adaptation to Future Trends: Garuda's Resilience

As communication trends continue to evolve, Halodoc's reliance on Garuda showcases its forward-thinking approach. By centralizing communication management, Halodoc is well-positioned to seamlessly integrate emerging communication channels and technologies. This adaptability ensures that the platform remains at the forefront of technological advancements, consistently providing users with cutting-edge healthcare experiences.

Conclusion: Garuda's Impact on Healthcare Communication

In an era where communication forms the cornerstone of user experience, Halodoc's embrace of Garuda as a central notification system is a testament to its dedication to providing exceptional healthcare services. The integration of Garuda streamlines interactions, amplifies user engagement, and supports diverse providers across various communication channels. This adaptability, coupled with a relentless commitment to user-centricity, solidifies Halodoc's position as a trailblazer in leveraging technology for seamless healthcare interactions.

In essence, Garuda is not just a central notification system; it's an embodiment of Halodoc's commitment to staying ahead in the realm of healthcare communication. As the digital healthcare landscape continues to evolve, Halodoc's reliance on Garuda ensures that the platform remains agile, innovative, and capable of meeting the ever-changing communication needs of its users.

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